How to Survive College: Discounts, Meal Plans & Deals

Tips for College Student
Tips for College Student: Quick Ways to Make Extra Money
December 16, 2019
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How to Survive College

How to Survive College: Discounts, Meal Plans & Deals

One fantastic way to save money as a student is to take advantage of student discounts, student meal plans and student deals. Collectively, these can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars. How to survive college: Discounts, Meal Plans & Deals.

Here are some of the most important deals for you to take advantage of.

How to Survive College: Discounts, Meal Plans & Deals

==> Student Meal Plans

Student meal plans are one of the biggest possible ways to save money in college. These meal plans are often subsidized by your college. That means in addition to getting food at bulk prices, you’re actually still paying below what it actually costs the school.

Furthermore, many schools aren’t very strict about refills and taking leftovers home. You could easily eat your lunch, refill your lunch then pack away the leftovers. You could take fruits, crackers or any other easy to carry food home. In other words, your student meal plan could be a source of free food.

When you’re considering a student meal plan, evaluate it based on how much it would cost you on the meal plan versus on your own. Unless you plan on cooking ramen noodles every meal, you’ll very often find that student meal plans are a very good deal.

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==> Student Discounts

Take advantage of student discounts. Just about every type of retailer, from clothing shops to electronics stores to stationery stores, often goes out of their way to cater to students.

Take Apple for example. Apple offers up to 15% off their products for students. The discount doesn’t work for all of their products, but many of the products that are used for educational purposes will often be heavily discounted. For example, both the MacBook and the MacBook Pro qualifies for the discount.

Adobe Photoshop is another good example. Instead of paying for the full version of the software, you can save a lot of money buying the student license.

Don’t pay for things in full when there are student discounts available. Look for clothing stores, grocery stores, appliance stores and other shops in your area that offer discounts to students.

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==> Back to School Deals

Every once in a while, stores will run sales catered specifically for students.

These might include spring break sale, new semester sale, summer holiday sale and of course – the biggest one – back to school sales.

It’s not uncommon to find stationery, books, equipment and more at a very steep discount. You can sometimes get as much as 30% off just by buying things at the right time.

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How to Survive College: Discounts, Meal Plans & Deals

The moral of the story is this: savings are out there. All you need to do is look for them. Remember that there’s a lot of sway that comes with being a student. People want you to succeed and understand that money is an issue. Look for student discounts and special deals for students wherever you go.

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