5 Ways To Prepare for the SAT

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Deer in the Headlights
November 13, 2019
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18 Time Management Tips for a College Student
November 14, 2019
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5 Ways To Prepare for the SAT

5 Ways to Prepare for the SAT

Are you scheduled to take the SAT test in a month or two?  If so, you may be nervous.  Although it is not typically the sole factor taken into consideration, many colleges and universities rely on SAT scores to determine admission.  For that reason, you want to do well.  If you have not already, now is to the time to start studying and preparing for the SAT.  But, what can you do?  Continue reading on for 5 ways to prepare for the SAT.

1. Review Your Class Notes

The SAT test that most students take is known as the SAT Reasoning Test.  This is comprised of three different components.  They are critical reading, mathematics, and writing.  There are also the SAT Subject Tests, formerly known as the SAT II.  These test your knowledge on a particular subject, such as English literature, U.S. history, world history, mathematics level one and level two, and various foreign languages.

Reviewing your school notes is vital for the SAT Subject Tests.  You are tested in a particular topic.  This is your chance to shine.  Your score will be used, along with your SAT Reasoning Test Score, to determine admission and course enrollment.

If only taking the SAT Reasoning Test, there are still benefits to reviewing your notes.  You are tested on the English language and mathematics.  Flip through your English notes.  Review proper grammar, sentence structure, and so forth.  For mathematics, review the instructions for problems you struggle with.  If you have your notes or a previous workbook, do a few practice questions.

2. Buy a SAT Study Guide

SAT study guides come in a number of different formats.  Your best option is to buy online, as you are able to read reviews first.  Not all books are created equal.  You want the study guide that gives you the most detailed and accurate information on the SAT and study tips.

Two SAT printed study guides are highly rated and recommended.  One is The Official SAT Study Guide, which is written by the College Board.  This book provides you with the most detailed and accurate information on the test, as it is written by those who designed the test.  The book is not only filled with helpful tips, but practice questions too.  The Barron’s SAT book also comes highly rated and recommended.  In addition to practice questions and study tips, you get a 3,500-word vocabulary list, which can help you prepare for the writing and reading comprehension sections. This is one of the 5 ways to prepare for the SAT.

11 Best SAT Book Recommended for SAT Prep: https://blog.prepscholar.com/10-best-sat-books-for-sat-prep

3. Ask to Sit In on a Class at School

Most students should take the SAT Reasoning and Subject Tests at the end of their junior year.  Some wait until their senior year.  If you do, your last class may have taken place months ago.  If you did not save your school notes, ask to sit in on a class at school.  This works great if you have a free study period.  Consider it a refresher course.

4. Take a SAT Practice Test

As previously stated, the Barron’s SAT book has practice questions.  In fact, they have five full-length practice tests.  Additional tests can be printed from the Official SAT website.  You can enter your answers online to determine your “score.”  Taking a practice SAT test not only works as a study method, it gets you familiarized with the layout of the test.  You know what to expect.

SAT Practice Tests at 4 Tests: https://www.4tests.com/sat

SAT Practice Tests at College Readiness: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat/practice/full-length-practice-tests

5. Start Studying in Advance

It is very easy to study and prepare for the SAT.  The largest amount of studying usually comes from the SAT Subject Tests.  All students, even those just taking the SAT Reasoning Test, should prepare.  This involves reviewing English and mathematic notes, sitting in on a class at school, taking practice tests, using flashcards, and reading study guides.  Whichever approach you take, get started early.  Cramming for a test is not recommended.  If you rush to familiarize yourself with subjects you haven’t covered in months or years, you will get stressed.  The key to doing well on the SAT is to start preparing early and doing so at a slow and steady pace.

Hope you enjoyed these 5 ways to prepare for the SAT.  If you follow these steps, you will gain the confidence, knowledge and skills to be successful.

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