5 Habits to Increase Personal Growth

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November 22, 2019
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5 Habits to Increase Personal Growth

5 Habits To Increase Personal Growth

Have you ever started a new project, full to the brim with enthusiasm, only to have your enthusiasm and motivation wane as the months go by? When we’re pursuing something worthwhile in our lives, enthusiasm and motivation are two very important factors. They act as driving forces and keep us on course to achieve our goals. How can we maintain high levels of both? Follow these 5 habits to increase personal growth.

1. Have at least one person in your life who is a mentor

Find a mentor. I know they can be hard to find. Mentors don’t have to be following the same course in life as you.

Where can you find a mentor? Try your professors and associations connected with your interests, the workplace, and of course, those who have influenced you throughout your life. Be proactive and seek out positive people. What they bring into your life, and theirs, is priceless.

This is my mentor, Tom Davis.  He has been instrumental to my growth on so many different levels.  I am extremely grateful for his guidance and direction.

Tom Davis

2. Watch inspirational movies

Watching inspirational movies can give you a boost of excitement. This is going to depend on personal taste, but here’s a selection of films that inspire me: Pursuit of Happyness, A Knight’s Tale, and Aragon. I love that all of these characters come from nothing and set out to change their lives.  The characters understand that determination to reach for the stars and become better, and ultimately successful.  They evolved.

There are many more inspirational movies, but these are my favorites and never fail to give me a boost. You could also add videos and DVDs of your favorite sporting moments. In fact, anything that inspires you will be helpful. Build your collection and watch the movies when you feel enthusiasm levels dropping.

3. Read biographies about people you admire

Again, personal taste will dictate who you read about but here are some people I admire greatly: Mahatma Ghandi, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Julius Ceasar, Muhammad Ali, to name a few. The beauty about this is that you read about people who have achieved so much in their lives. You are learning about leaders who accomplished great things. If you want to achieve your dreams, it is absolutely vital to stay positive. Read about people you admire and see how it helps your attitude.

There are 100,000 biographies on Amazon. I am sure you can find a few that interest you: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=biographies&ref=nb_sb_noss_2

4. Have a picture board and fill it with pictures of your goals

Type of house, views of the area where you want to live, family, car or boat, job position, trip, and whatever it is you want! This is to give you a visual reminder everyday about the goals you are pursuing and, reminds you of what you’re working towards. It boosts enthusiasm and keeps you focused and on track.

5. Read motivational articles everyday

I’m a big believer in the use of motivational articles to inspire me and, always on the lookout for new ones to add to my list of favorites. This is an everyday practice of mine. It helps to motivate and inspire me to reach higher and be better. We can always improve.  It’s important to read, read, and read some more.  Here’s a couple of good websites to checkout:

www.success.com and https://www.ted.com


And there you have 5 habits to increase your personal growth to help you maintain your enthusiasm and motivation. Put all 5 to use, stay positive and stay on course to achieve your goals!


For tips on great leaders to follow read: 5 Top Leaders Throughout History!


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