Newly Crowned #1 Best Selling Author Christine Reidhead

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#1 Best Selling Author Christine Reidhead

Newly Crowned #1 Best Selling Author Christine Reidhead

Christine Reidhead is an Assistant Professor of Business at Navajo Technical University, where she serves as Faculty Vice President, Business Department Chair, and Project Manager funded by the Department of Transportation Grant. She was born in Mesa, Arizona and is the youngest of five children. She has worked in the field of Education and continues her career at Navajo Technical University.

#1 Best Selling Author Christine Reidhead

She has also served as Director of Athletics, Accountant, Contracts and Grants Manager and Wellness Center Manager. She is the CEO and founder of a non-profit organization named, AfrikRisking. Christine released an amazing book, “GET THAT JOB! ACE Your JOB Interview – Every Time!” This book is a complete guide for those who have been looking for that perfect job interview.

A successful job interview is essential to getting a role in a company. The interview is an excellent opportunity to influence the interviewer with your experience, skills and abilities. In this book, the best-selling author, Christine Reidhead, has shared tips on how to land a successful job. It’s a complete guide based on her experiences.

She has served in several departments and has conducted many interviews. These two factors led her to write a book about guidelines for a job interview.  She has discussed what to do and what not to, to get a successful job. This book is tailor made for college students or recent graduates!

Getting a job in today’s job market has become more challenging than ever because more people are updating, developing, and acquiring new skills to become more qualified for the very same job you’re pursuing. The competition is tough.

#1 Best Selling Author Christine Reidhead

Creating a good impression is key in front of the interview panel, which should be supported by your resume. But you can’t rely on a good resume because the employer is very well aware of the ways people acquire professional development to build an impressive resume. The main challenge is convincing the employer that you are the perfect match for the job.

An interview is not about telling something outstanding about your educational background but by answering technical questions and showing them your capabilities. The interview is the most opportune time to sell yourself to the interviewer. How will you prove you are a perfect match for the job? How will you convince them that you are far better than the other interview candidates?

Job interviews can be highly nerve-wracking, even for the most experienced professionals, as many have had a painful job interview experience. The book provides a firm foundation and builds confidence and reminds readers about what to do. Information is important. When combined with your abilities and confidence, you establish a strong game plan.

You may find some books written specifically on this topic, but this book offers an excellent read for those who are searching and/or preparing for a new job interview. The book is a simple, quick read, which makes it comparatively easy to read.

#1 Best Selling Author Christine Reidhead

Christine Reidhead discusses the following key points in her book, “GET THAT JOB! ACE Your JOB Interview – Every Time!”

  1. The first impression is key. Keep in mind, be kind and respectful to all those you encounter from the moment you enter the door to the time you complete the interview.
  2. Before going to the interview, do some company research, and learn the achievements, milestones, and mission of the company. By doing this, it boosts your knowledge level and confidence.
  3. Prior to the interview, you should be ready for questions, like, “Why are you the best fit for this job?” “What is your aim and why should we hire you?” Find the answers and make note of them. Now, stand in front of a mirror and start practicing the answers. Answer the questions that perfectly match with your resume. It’s now time to get a well-crafted resume.
  4. A common question the interviewer asks is, “What is your weakness or weaknesses?” Practice a reasonable and honest answer to this question, but your answer shouldn’t be this, “I have no weakness or weaknesses.” No one is perfect, so be honest and be smart. Find a weakness and structure your answer as a strong factor needed for that job. By doing so, your answer could very well be a strength by intelligently answering the question. Describe to them a weakness, and if answered smartly, it could be a must factor for that job.
  5. A professional dress code matters, and you have to be comfortable and confident.
  6. If there is a gap in your resume, be honest about it. The company has contacted you for the interview, which shows that they are interested in hiring you for the posted job and want to ensure it. So be honest and be confident.

Christine Reidhead is a newly crowned #1 best-selling author. Her book is a masterpiece that explains every bit of job interview preparation and is excellent for young people. She stated that while writing this book, she discovered that anything could be achieved when you aim to get it, and that not only a few people achieve this but anyone that sets their mind to realistic goals. Just put your mind to it, and put your best foot forward.  Commitment, discipline, goal setting and preparedness depend on your efforts.

Christine has provided a step by step guide on preparing for the job interview. She has discussed what to do before and even after the interview. By the time you finish reading the last page of the book, you will feel more prepared for your interview. It makes you feel confident and ready for any kind of interview. This is the perfect book for any college student or college graduate preparing for their first job.

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For tips to starting college visit Reidhead’s website and blog: Tips to Starting College.



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