Christine Reidhead’s Book ‘Get That Job’ Paves Way to Secure Jobs

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February 9, 2020
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March 8, 2020
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Get that job!

Christine Reidhead’s Book ‘Get That Job’ Paves Way to Secure Jobs

Christine Reidhead is the CEO and founder of the non-profit organization, AfrikRising. She loves teaching, which is evident as she is an Assistant Professor at Navajo Technical University. Christine works for people’s rights when they are neglected. Christine Reidhead services are exceptional and worth knowing and utilizing. Christine Reidhead’s Book ‘Get That Job’ Paves Way to Secure Jobs.

Christine Reidhead

Early Life

Christine Reidhead was born in Mesa, Arizona to Phyllis and Daniel Cluff. She is the youngest of five children. In 1997, Christine completed her schooling at Benson High School and graduated from Eastern Arizona College where she played basketball. She is a proud Benson native and feels that growing up there provided a solid foundation which led to her success.

She obtained her B.A., in 2009, then achieved her M.S. in Accounting from the University of Phoenix.

Professional Career

Christine is an enthusiastic and passionate person. She is determined and fully focused on her goals. Christine, an educator, encourages and offers a positive learning outlook that helps students. The training, educational aspirations, daily exciting opportunities brought forth by students and professionals pique her interest to continue teaching at the post-secondary schools.

Her influence on education has unlocked various job opportunities. Those include the Wellness Center Manager, Contracts and Grants Manager, and Director of Athletics. Christine is currently the Assistant Professor and Program Manager for the Transportation Department Grant. She is the Faculty Vice President and Department Chair of Business.

Humanitarian Services

Christine devotes her life to giving back and offers assistance to those in need. Being a humanitarian and educator has allowed her to serve many people. Christine founded AfrikRising, a Nonprofit Organization, that focuses on children in Africa who face health disparities, education constraints, and hunger.

Get That Job!

Role as Author

Christine is highly active in various roles. For one, as a Best Selling author, she recently released her book, ‘Get That Job.’ This book is a comprehensive guide for people looking to learn, and nail their job interviews.

She highlights how a job interview is an opportunity to show the interviewer your skills, experience and abilities. The book, ‘Get That Job,’ brilliantly highlights valuable tips on how to get a successful job. Her experience is vast and top-notch.

Christine has conducted several interviews during her service in different capacities. It provides guidelines so that it helps people in a job interview. Christine emphasizes the importance of knowing what to do and what not to do, to ensure a successful job interview. This book not only focuses on recent graduates and college students but those that need a refresher on interviewing key points.

In the job market today, getting a job is challenging. Determined and serious job seekers focus on acquiring new skills, achieving certifications, and updating their resumes to become one of many qualified competitors applying for the same position.

Get That Job!

During the interview, creating a good impression is a must. Your resume should support you, and what you bring forth during your interview. The challenge is satisfying the employer with your credentials, experience and professionalism when competing for that perfect job. Christine has written this book to ease your mind by providing a simple and easy quick read. It has important information that builds confidence and provides a firm foundation, and informs the reader on how to go about the interview process.

Key points of Christine Reidhead’s book: “Get That Job”

• Face to face interviews
• Telephone Interviews
• Video Interviews
• Before the Interview
• During the Interview
• After the Interview
• 12 Most Common Job Interview Questions
• 10 Common Job Interview Mistakes

Christine Reidhead is an inspiration and offers youngsters a new outlook on how to approach their interviews in a prepared manner. Following key points, is sure to transform their path and method to success. There is a need to practice for the interview, as ‘Practice makes perfect’.

Christine Reidhead’s Book ‘Get That Job’ Paves Way to Secure Jobs

Taking the guideline of Christine Reidhead, each aspirant can try to prove it and make the job yours!

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