Best Cameras for College Student Adventures

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November 17, 2019
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5 Top Leaders throughout History
November 17, 2019
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Best Cameras for College Student Adventures

Best Cameras for College Student Adventures

It would not be wrong to say that college life is one of the best periods of your life. And if one could, they would live it all again and again, but alas! Time machines are not invented yet. The closest thing to a time machine is a camera, through which you can save your precious moments and relive them. Though being a college student, one is always on a budget. So, here your lives will be made a bit easier by a comparison table of the best cameras for college student adventures. Then, you can make the right choice and won’t end up losing those great memories.

Camera Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 IV



Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera


GoPro HERO7 White
Best for Underwater pictures and video shoots Great for beginners Simple and very easy to use
Description Sony has always been one of the best camera manufacturers. Now this model is not only pocket-friendly, but allows you to shoot high-quality 4k pictures and videos in the same budget. It is a lightweight camera, only 600g. It has very clearly labeled control and is easy to use. Built with solid ergonomics. It is great for both a beginner and an expert.  Though its price may be suspicious for being this less, but its one amazing camera. This model of Sony camera takes E mount lenses while there are some which take mount lenses. It comes with somewhat similar look of A7 model. The camera sensor has 179 autofocus points. According to Sony, it has the fastest AF in the world.  In simple words, an action camera. This one is for those who want a GoPro HERO7 Black. It is half the price of black. It has action cams with a signature look and structure is made up of soft-touch plastic. GoPro white is a waterproof camera and is rated at 10-ATM. It has a front LED. It is mostly suitable for beginners.
Pros ·      Lightweight

·      Comes with primary accessories

·      Easy controls for videos and pictures

·      Lightweight

·      Strong structure

·      Works fast

·      Good stabilization

·      Great water resistance

·      1080p video quality

Cons ·      Video record button can be accidentally pressed if the camera is switched to BCD ·      SD card is hard to remove once inserted

·      No minimum shutter speed in Auto ISO

·      Silent mode is missing

·      The second card slot is not available

·      Operation speed is slow

·      Modes are limited

·      No 4K shoots



The above mentioned three cameras were the best cameras for college student adventures. Though you can choose your favorite according to the specifications you might need. For a college student, a camera that is waterproof provides at least 1080p quality pictures, is lightweight, has easy controls and is the one which you should go for. In the above mentioned, all three products provide all these specifications. I hope you end up choosing the best camera which isn’t too heavy on your pocket.

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