21 Secrets To Surviving Your Freshman Year of College

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November 24, 2019
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November 25, 2019
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21 Secrets To Surviving Your Freshman Year of College

21 Secrets To Surviving Your Freshman Year of College

Arriving at university or college will be daunting for anyone. It may mean living away from parental guidance for the first time, which on it’s own may be daunting enough. You will most likely have a hundred questions and a hundred fears; what will it be like? Can I handle the workload? Will I be able to fit in? It may help to know that everyone will be feeling similar, though some may hide it better than others. We will go over 21 secrets to surviving your freshman year of college.

Invariably the vast majority of freshers will be pleasantly surprised. The university or college will be populated by a broad variety of people, from many walks of life with a diverse range of outlooks and opinions. Look beyond the initial confines of your college, house or dorm, as the establishment will have many more people who will share similar interests as yourself.

21 Secrets To Surviving Your Freshman Year of College

1. Meet as many people as you can, introduce yourself, smile and be confident. Everyone is in the same boat whether he or she appears to be or not.

2. Be yourself. Real friends will want to know you for who you are, warts and all!

3. Keep your opinions about others to yourself until you know whom you can trust.

4. Take your dirty clothes to the laundry. Don’t let it pile up, and wait to take back home during the holidays. She really won’t want to see five bags of laundry.

5. Have a good time!

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6. Join a few clubs. If you’re not sure it’s for you but are interested, take note of the contact information to get more details later. However, it’s sometimes hard to find the correct contacts later, as it’s a big place.

7. Call home and let your family know you’re all right, (even if you don’t exactly feel it). They’re probably more worried than you are.

8. At first, you may feel a little homesick, worried or just down but many students experience the same feelings. Talk to new friends you trust, about your feelings, and maybe write or call friends back home.

9. You’re at college for a few years, so make the most of it, as it’ll be over before you know it. As a result, you’ll miss the freedom and long holidays.

10. Keep in touch with your family and friends at home, by email, phone or video chat.

11. Manage your time. Make sure to plan out your days, weeks and months. Time management is critical to college success. Planning out each day will ensure success throughout your college career.

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12. Don’t hang around with one group ignoring everyone else. Otherwise, you may miss out on the chance of making other good friends. Be actively involved in socializing and meet people around you.

13. Take care of your money. It is the little extra expenses spent here and there that have a way of quickly draining your bank account! Be wise in your spending and make sure everything you spend is planned out.

8 Financial Tips for College Students to Save and Manage Money Better: https://www.moneycrashers.com/financial-tips-college-students-save-manage-money/

14. Don’t let peer pressure turn you into a party person. You don’t have to drink. If friends have a problem with you ordering soft drinks, they’re probably not the friends you need. Drinking soft drinks is easier on the pocket, not to mention healthier.

15. Be kind to everyone. They are fighting their own battles. Each person has their own personal battles, even though you might not be able to see them. Kindness conquers all.

16. Don’t let everything get bottled up. Talk to a trustworthy friend, family member, college counselor, or a student help line. Being away from home, especially for the first time can make you feel lonely and lost. Talking about it usually puts everything into perspective. Others can help you work through your thoughts, frustrations and struggles.

17. Cooking vs take-out. The McDonald’s on the corner may have a dollar menu, making take-out burgers an easy option when you have a stack of work to do. But, your money won’t see you through the semester if you choose this route. It really will be like throwing away your money. Try cooking. Get a few basics down. For example, salt, pepper, and, gravy mix, go with everything. If you’re house sharing, perhaps chip in for the ingredients. Vegetable stews are easy to prepare, filling and cheap. You’ll find a good cookbook worth the investment too.

18. When you’re going out for the night, take just as much money as you need, or want to spend.

19. Live your first college year as best as you can as you’re only a freshman once. But, be wise in the choices you make.

20. The ”B” word … when you have a fat student loan, the easiest thing to do is spend it since it’s just sitting there itching to be used. Don’t give in to temptation. There’s this word you’ll know very well by the time you leave college. It’s called a budget. Plan ahead so you don’t end up with too much debt. Sit down and work out what you’ve got coming in, what’s going out, like rent, and utilities, expenses. If there’s funds left over, divide that by how many weeks until the next check comes in. Then, half that as you will need “panic money” somewhere down the line. Remember, there’s always stuff you’ll need that you forgot to put in the budget, like stuff you just overlooked – shampoo, photocopying, and toothpaste.

21. Study skills are so important. Identify the library early and make sure you are a regular. Keep on top of your grades, as those with good grades can apply for scholarships.

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